Get to Know Us Better

Plants has a central role in my our lifestyle. We love transforming space into a beautiful, healthy and sustainable environment. Trying to think about the future of our kids.

We like educating people about how to be sustainable in food. Follow us in how to achieve this goal through our success and failure. We are experimental gardeners, always learning. 

Behind me, there is my supporting wife and daughter. My wife helps me a lot in the garden, so we can both provide good education & organic food to our daughter. Showing her how to garden and ways to preserve food as our ancestors did.

We spend most of our weekend putting love in our garden paradise. We continue educating ourselves on different vegetables that we can grow. We keep us challenging by adding new vegetables to our garden every year.

We attempted to use different techniques in the garden to see our successful we can be and have the best growing and harvest season. Still have a lot to learn, gardening is a long path of education. 

Our main goal is to be self-sufficient in food even during winter time!



Experimental Gardener



My wife