Bringing Nature into Your Home

You will find many guides and equipments that we are using to work our garden


Garden Hoe

This tool is very practical to removed weed between rows.

Long-Handle Bow Rake

At the begginning of the season, once you put the compost on top of the garden this tool helps to level the soil and removed big pieces of soil.

Cotton Macrame Cord 4-Strand Twisted

This cord is very helpful to help peas and Runner Beans to climb. We use the cord on wooden stick and make multiple layer.

Polyester Plant Trellis Netting

We use the Trellis Netting to help cucumber to climb 

Anti-Insect Netting for Garden

This Anti-Insect Netting helps to reduce the damage to plant caused by insect. 

Frost Blanket

The Frost Blanket helps to extend harvest season or to start the season earlier. The Frost Blanket protects against frost and keep the heat. This can save many plants when the weather is colder. 


We use a bucket when we are weeding. We put the weeds in it and once full we put it in our composter.