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New Home, New Begging; New Gardening Planning

It has been a long time since I have published an article. A lot has passed since. We have sold our house and bought a new one. We are very happy about our decision however, I am a little bit sad to restart my garden oasis. We have lived in our prior house since 2019. I have spent many hours perfecting all our garden beds. The downfall of the last house we had, is that the garden was at the bottom of the hill. Every time it rained or at spring time, when the snow melted, the water was running down the hill and eroded the soil in my garden. Last year, to prevent erosion in the garden we have built 15 raised beds. This way when the water is running in the garden, the water drifts around the boxes.

At this new home, I will need to restart planning for our garden. Like mentioned in my previous blog, there is a lot to think when starting a new garden. In the last month, I am examining the sun exposition so I can make the best decision where I want to do my garden.

The hardest part is that since we are almost winter time, the sun is positioned differently than during summer. I am trying to see where in my yard there is most of the sun. With that, I can assume theheir surface where the sun will hit, will be larger. As shown on this photo, during summer time, the sun is higher and the sunlight hits a larger area. While during fall the sun is lower and the sunlight is spread on a smaller area.

Since I have done couple gardening season, I know a little bit better the quantity I need to cultivate to have enough food to bring to the table from our garden, during summer and fall. I also know the quantity needed to not be overwhelmed and spoil vegetable. Vegetables that are easy to over sow are (lettuce, arugula, tomatoes) reason why they are easy to over sow is that it doesn’t take that much to provide enough for our needs. 2 feet of lettuce and arugula can last you easy for a month, unless you eat lettuce at each meal, in that case you will need to sow more. What I have done this past year is that I have planted in succession. I have sown 2 feet of arugula and lettuce than 2 weeks after sow another 2 feet. This way when my first row is done harvesting, I have more vegetables available. They grow quick you can harvest them when you have baby leaves and when they are bigger.

One thing we need to make sure, is to not produce too much since they can’t really be preserved or freeze such as peas and beans. This past year, I have cultivated so many of peas and beans, but was able to freeze them and not spoiled them. There is so much stuff to think about when starting a garden, either if its your first time, if you start a garden at a new location or even starting each year. Winter plays a big role in the gardening season. Winter is when you take the time to note what was a success and what needs to be improved. It’s the time to think what you want to redo or not and new things you will like to do. It can be new vegetables to grow, it could be a new technique to try, such as growing with more intensity between row of vegetables. This year I have tried new ways to garden, by doing raised bed. At this new location, I will probably need to build raised bed or a fence around it since I now live in a town, not in the country. I have saw in the last month couple cat around my house. I can expect if I don't do a fence around my garden, that it could be destroyed this summer.

In my next article I will talk and show you the position of my garden and my plans for the upcoming garden season. Thanks to take the time reading this article. I hope you enjoyed and to be shy to leave me some comment I will be glad to read you and answer your questions

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