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New Home, New Beggining; Well Locate Your Garden

Planning a vegetable garden must be done with a lot of thought if you want to have good results. There are several elements to take into consideration such as the location of the vegetable garden in the yard, the size of it which is influenced by the types of vegetables and the quantity desired. The time we have to devote to our garden can also influence the size of it. At our new house, I took the time to analyze my yard so that I could have all the essential details that allow me to make the best decision to open my vegetable garden. I have thought a lot about the size of my vegetable garden and the position where I am going to grow my vegetable garden in my yard. What's going to be different from my old vegetable garden in our old house is that I will start with a smaller garden and expand as I go. The reason for this behind this, is that in our old vegetable garden I was sowing too many vegetables. By the fall we ran out of time to harvest everything and we didn't have much time to preserve these vegetables. Throughout the summer when the vegetables were ready to grow. I grew a lot of it, but also lost some of it. Lettuce is one of the vegetables that I wasted a lot. I was growing about 4 feet at a time. Come to think of it, it would be best if I sow 2 plants of lettuce, about 3 weeks apart, then sow another 2 plants. That way, when the first harvest is ready, there isn't too much. In addition, by doing an interval of 3 weeks, it allows for a longer harvest season. Another vegetable that I sowed too much was tomatoes. I don't eat a lot of tomatoes just on some occasion like when I am making sandwiches. A tomato plant produces a lot of tomatoes and often there are about ten ready at a time. We didn't do a lot of tomato sauce, which we should have done. However, this year I want to start making tomato sauce, and tomato paste. I'll start with 2 plants and see how much that produces. If I see we have not too many tomatoes and if I see we could grow another crop, then the next year I'll increase it.


I decided to make 2 vegetable gardens in my yard. The first will be approximately 10'x12' and the second will be 5'x6'. The 10'x12' garden will be located east of our yard and the other part of gardent will be near our deck. The exposure to the sun and the leveling of the land has helped me to determine where I will position of my vegetable gardens. I have looked at the sun exposure to determine the best location for my two vegetable gardens. As mentioned in the previous blog, in the fall the sun is farther from the earth and its exposure to the ground is less compared to summer. So by looking at the minimum sun exposure we can ensure that the vegetable garden will have good exposure throughout the gardening season. In addition, the elevation of the soil is an essential element to look at before opening the vegetable garden. The land in my backyard has some flatter spots that are not at the bottom of the hill. There were several episodes of rain which allowed me to watch the flow (runoff) of the water. I didn't want to duplicate what happened at my other garden, which I had built it at the bottom of the hill and every episode of rain or when the snow melted the garden was flooded. For the next gardening season (summer 2022) here are the vegetables that I will be growing:


Pak Choi

Swiss Chard














These vegetables will be found in the two vegetable gardens, this way, I will be able to determine which place will be better for certain vegetables. I haven't thought about what new vegetables I'm going to grow yet. I'm probably going to sow a different variety for some vegetables instead. For example, I would like to sow various varieties of Pak Choi, Kale, Lettuce, Radish, Zucchini and Cucumber. I wasn't too impressed with my cucumber and lettuce harvests. For the Pak Choi and zucchini I would like to discover varieties with different tastes. I will explain in more detail what varieties I would like to experiment with, and the quantity I want to grow, in one of my next blogs.

Conclusion There is a lot of planning involved in starting a vegetable garden and creating a beautiful yard that will allow for food self-sufficiency. Let me know, if you also sow yourself too many veggies and what kind of veg you always have too much. In the next article, I will explain the work I have to do to make a beautiful yard with wonderful vegetable gardens in order to be more self-sufficient and less dependent on grocery stores.

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